Lights for Chevy Camaro

Lights for Chevy Camaro

Lights for Chevy Camaro

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All lighting accessories include the following: 

  • LED Lights by Oracle Lighting for Chevy Camaro
  • New products in original packaging
  • Installation Instructions via Manual and/or Video
  • Color Changing LEDs include a 2.0 Remote ($100 value)
  • Lifetime warranty by Oracle Lighting
Please select the following Camaro LED accessories:

Chevy Camaro Halo headlights by oracle in red

Camaro Halo Lights for Headlights

Oracle LED lights are able to last up to 60,000 hours before needing to be changed, these Chevy Camaro Halo Lights for headlights can add vibrant color to your Camaro's headlights. These Camaro Halo headlights are LED ColorSHIFT and can be changed to virtually any color you would like them to have using the included Oracle 2.0 remote control (an included $100 value option). The Camaro LED headlights can run at a steady color, change back and forth between colors or just be turned back to white to make these Camaro LED lights legal for the road. You can adjust the brightness of the lights using this Oracle Halo Kit for Camaro, and installation of the Camaro Halo projector headlights will take only a few minutes.

Chevy Camaro LED Halo fog Lights by Oracle lighting

Camaro Halo Lights for Fog Lights

With the Chevy Camaro Halo fog lights, you can have brightly colored fog lights to match or accentuate your Camaro's headlights to turn your car into a real spectacle. Through its swift, plug-and-play installation, you can have your lights set up in only minutes flat. They come with wiring specifically meant for your Camaro. With their ColorSHIFT design, you can choose a set color, patterns for different colors or simply keep the white Camaro fog lights Halo ring on for street legal usage. Ultra bright and bold, you are sure to be noticed wherever you go.

Camaro LED side mirror by oracle lighting

Side Mirrors with LED Lights by Oracle

Full Replacement Mirrors in Black

Turn even your Chevrolet Camaro side mirrors into something to be noticed with these Camaro LED side mirrors Black-Edition. Offering a sleek, more aerodynamic appeal, these Camaro mirrors with turning signal blinker by Oracle give your car both style and functionality with their ability to be used both as turn signals and parking lights. These Camaro concept mirrors offer an asymmetrical shape that provides you with a clearer view around the car, and they feature plug-and-play as they are direct replacement with factory adjustable functionality so that you are able to have them up and running in only minutes. These are Black-Edition by Oracle, which come pre-paint in black color. The Oracle mirrors for Chevy Camaro are replacement pieces and come with everything needed out of the box.

Camaro LED replacement bulbs for high beam and low beam

LED Bulb Replacement (Headlight and Fog Lights)

Replace the dull factory bulbs on your Chevy Camaro headlights with something brighter, safer and better looking with a new Chevy Camaro LED bulb for your headlights. Each Chevy Camaro LED headlight bulb is brighter than standard halogen bulbs, emitting as much as 2,200 lumens apiece. Ideal for both Camaro fog lights and headlights, these bulbs are designed to dissipate heat with ease thanks to the small fan built right into them. This helps keep the lights cool to the touch, even after several hours of nonstop use. Ideal for headlights, these bulbs have both high and low beam functionality. These Chevy Camaro LED fog lights and headlights are both dust proof and waterproof with a rating of IP65.

Oracle Camaro LED side-marker

Side Marker LED Lights for Camaro:

Add some colorful flair to even the sides of your car with these Oracle side markers for Camaro. These Camaro side marker lights come in clear or smoked/tinted transparencies and can easily be painted to match any factory color on your car. Because the Camaro side markers are direct replacment and plug right into your car, they require no modifications and are simple to install and can be on your car in only minutes. The Camaro LED side markers feature ultra bright 2835 Bridgelux LEDs that offer a crisp, sharp and laser-like appearance.

Chevy Camaro hood LED scanner knight-rider

Camaro LED hood Scanner:

Deck your Camaro out from front to back with the finishing touch of a Camaro scanner LED bar. This Camaro mail slot light bar is constructed out of four ultra bright 5050 bulbs that are sure to attract attention. You can fit the Camaro LED light bar onto any factory bumper slot and install it in no time, thanks to its included wiring and instructions. With Oracle ColorSHIFT color changing LED lights, there are more than 20 preprogrammed patterns to choose from, allowing you to make the Camaro LED scanner as unique as you like in conjunction with the Oracle 2.0 ColorSHIFT remote. This Camaro Mailslot Scanner is sure to turn heads.

Camaro LED interior lights by Oracle Lighting

Interior Footwell Lights

With a dedicated strip for both the passenger and drivers side, the Chevy Camaro interior lights are ready to light up your Camaro from the inside out. These Chevy Camaro LED interior lights come in long 200 inch strips that can be cut down to absolutely any size and are covered with 5050 SMDs. They are simple to install thanks to the genuine 3M adhesive backing and are totally waterproof to give them a longer lifespan. With the interior floor strips, you also get a ColorSHIFT controller that will allow you to change the color of the interior footwell lights to your liking. They offer ultra low power consumption and can last for many hours to come.

Camaro Engine bay LED lights by Oracle

Engine Bay LED Lighting Kit

Show off the intricacies of your engine by lighting it up for all to see with these Chevy Camaro engine bay lights. These Chevy Camaro engine dress-up lights offer maximum brightness and a long life to ensure you get to enjoy plenty of time with them. The kit comes with three different strips for the front, rear and side of the engine bay with more LEDs per section than most of the competition. They are sealed using silicone instead of epoxy to prevent yellowing from the heat of the engine bay. The ColorSHIFT technology and remote control lets you decide the colors that the light shines.

Camaro reverse lights for rear bumper LED backup by Oracle

Reverse LED lights for Chevy Camaro

Beautify your Chevy Camaro while making it easier to see while backing up than ever before with the Chevy Camaro reverse LED lights. These Camaro backup lights offer 300 percent more lumens than your stock reverse lights and come equipped with four ultra high powered third generation LEDs. These Camaro LED lights come ready to install so that you can have them up and running in minutes flat.

Wheel Rings by Oracle Lighting

From top to bottom, the Chevy Camaro wheel lights allow you to transform your Chevy into something totally memorable and recognizable. These wheel lights attach to the brake rotors in order to provide you with a full on shine as you roll down the streets. Aluminum rings are formed into a sturdy circle where LED lights are attached. Able to withstand high temperatures, these Chevy Camaro wheel lights are 15.5 inches in size and can ft most wheels. Light up your wheel wells with any color, thanks to the ColorSHIFT LEDs with a remote control.

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